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About Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls originated in California USA

Ragdolls have an innocent nature and cannot live outside unless in a secure enclosure.

They have a playful puppy like nature and will be your constant companion as you go about your day.

Todays Ragdoll belong to the group of semi-long-haired cats. They have a very soft, silky fur, which is longer around their neck and their rear. Their body is strong, their eyes are oval and blue, the ears rounded and the tail is a long plume.

A specialty of all pointed cats is that they are born completely white. First traces of color appear when they are approximately 10 days old. Their fur color will not be completely developed until they are nearly 4 years old. Their wonderful blue eyes are showing from the day of birth.

Ragdolls are the second largest cats of the breeds, A female can weighs from 4 - 7 kg and a male from 7 - 9 kg They are available in a lot of varieties and colours.

Regardless of the color, the care is easy compared to the other longhaired breeds. Brushing and combing twice a week is usually more than enough.

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