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Congratulations Koc-Pol Cat Ares

2017 QFA Ragdoll of the Year

For your achievements in 2014

Cats QLD Inc Ragdoll of the Year 2014

Reserve Longhair Cat of the Year

Queensland Feline Association

Ragdoll of the year 2014

Reserve Longhair Cat of the Year

AoE Platinum Double Grand


Koc-Pol Cat Ares


DNA tested HCM - Clear PKD1 - Clear

FeLV & FIV - negative Blood Group A

2014 Brisbane Royal

Ares is Best in Show

Amazing News !!

At his first Show in Australia

Koc-Pol Cat Ares wins

Best Entire in Show

Judge Veikko Saarea (FIFe Finland)

June 21st 2014

Congratulations !!!

Koc-Pol Cat Ares

Awarded Cats QLD Inc

2014 Ragdoll of the Year

2014 Reserve Longhair Cat of the Year

Koc-Pol cat Ares is a Blue Bicolour. I fell in love with this little guy as soon as I saw him, he is just too cute !! At 4 months he is discrbed as having very deep iris colour with a lot of positive energy with a Fantastic temperament.

Devine ! Fantastic ! Wonderful ! and with Itchy Koo Lily Allen as a Mum and Koc-Pol cat Blue King as a Dad what else would you expect.

I know this fellow will become entangled in our hearts

Having Ares as part of our family is truley a joy, he is so very affectionate and cuddly !

I have heard the father of the kittens dictates the friendliness of their offspring. If this is true then any babies of Ares are going to be very loving, he seems to look deeply into my soul and show a kind of love that I can't describe. The more time I spend with Ares, the happier I am. I just love him to bits.

This is a video clip of Ares and his sisters having lots of fun !!

Koc Pol Cat Ares at 6 months competing at first cat show !!

Debut : Koc-pol cat Ares wins Best in Show

News Flash !!!!!!!

Koc-Pol Cat Ares will compete on the World Stage at The World Cat Show in Zagreb Croatia

I will be there to cheer him on !!!!!!!

Koc-Pol Cat Ares wins BIS

at First show in Poland

Cat Show Chrzanów 06-07.10.2012

2 x EX1, Best In Variety, 2 x NOMINACE,


Koc -Pol cat Ares is BIV and Nominance for

Best in Show at World Cat Show Croatia 2012 !!!

Congratulations Ares and a huge thank you to Monica & Patryk for the superb presentation of Ares on the World Stage !!!!

Koc-pol cat Ares has moved from Poland and is now living on the Gold Coast Australia

Magnificent Blue Bi-Colour 

Above - Ares in December 2012 at 8 months in Poland

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