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Ragdoll cats are indoor cats, they have no natural 

defences due to their innocent nature

Please read this information thoroughly prior to contacting us 

We reserve the right to withdraw a kitten from sale at any time

All pet kittens are available as desexed pets to approved loving homes.

When you contact us - you will be asked to complete a simple form to help us

find your perfect friend and enable us to complete all the paperwork

We only correspond through emails as we like to spend time with our cats and kittens. If we were to talk on the phone to every person who made an inquiry we would not be able to send such well cared for kittens to their new families.

Kittens are graded according to quality and priced accordingly.

If you inquire about a kitten shown as available you will be told the price then and also about the kittens personality.   

Your Commitment to your new kitten:

Please read all information below before contacting us

We will require proof of home ownership or tenancy approval to have a pet on the premises

A deposit of $500 is payable once we have a kitten available and you commit to being on our waiting list.for the available kittens . If we are unable to provide the kitten of your choice we will refund your deposit in full.

The deposit of $500 will be deducted from the total price of the kitten.

An administration fee of $500 will be charged if you change your mind and the kitten is over 10 weeks of age.

The balance as discussed with approved families is due and payable when the kitten is ten weeks of age or one week prior to collection or delivery for kittens advertised at an age of twelve weeks or older

The adopting family is committed to ensuring the cat will remain safely indoors throughout it's life, including children

The adopting family is aware of the costs involved and prepared for any unexpected costs that may arise throughout the cats life and may wish to have pet health insurance.

The adopting family is committed to loving the cat for the period of it's natural life (possibly 20 odd years) once you collect your kitten it will not be able to be returned to my home just as you cannot return a child to the hospital or a new car to the car yard. Any and all concerns you have about your situation should have been raised during the adoption process. I will help with rehoming by posting the kitten on my facebook page. There is a no refund policy at my discretion.

No kitten will be placed in a home with another kitten under 12 months of age unless they both come from our home (this is for the health and safety of both kittens)

You will follow the care instructions supplied prior to collection and fully understand that a sudden change in diet can cause serious problems for the kitten and throughout it's life.

You will have a veterinarian do a thorough health check within three days of arrival at your home

F3 Vaccinations will be given as directed by us NEVER F4 or F5

Veterinary attention will be sought at the first sign of illness

Where possible you will provide a safe outdoor enclosure or train the kitten to a harness

You understand that when you are on holidays you will need to have your kitten cared for and are prepared for the expense of boarding if necessary

The kitten will never be euthanized (unless a veterinarian determines no other option)

If for any reason you are no longer able to love and care for your kitten , you will contact me as soon as possible so I can assist you in re homing. No kitten or cat is to be re homed without notifying me.

You should also provide instructions to your family and in your will should the need ever arise.

Our commitment to you and the kitten :

We have devoted many hours of love and care into every kitten and it will remain in our hearts throughout it's life

We are committed to seeking the best practices and testing available to ensure you have a kitten with a healthy future.

All kittens come with registration papers from the Queensland Feline Association

We will provide evidence of the DNA tests performed on the parents. At the moment for PKD & HCM 

All kittens will be desexed before leaving our home this may be anywhere between 12-14 weeks.

All kittens are Microchipped according to local government laws

All kittens will have been vaccinated and health checked by a veterinarian with the required number of F3 vaccinations according to manufacturers advice depending on age they leave our care (refer to care sheet) vaccinations must be carried out at 16 weeks and annually thereafter

All kittens will have been wormed and treated for fleas several times prior to leaving our home.

All kittens will be weaned and able to use a litter box

All kittens will have been handled with love and exposed to normal day to day household noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I choose my kitten-

We will post photos of the kittens on this website at about eight weeks and upwards.

Can we visit the kittens -

We are a closed cattery To protect the kittens we only allow the new family to meet their kitten when they collect .

They are desexed at eleven weeks and must be kept quite while they recover from the surgery. Then they are vaccinated at twelve weeks and we keep them quite to ensure they don't have any reactions to the vaccinations.

For the reasons above - the kittens are ready to go to their new homes when they have completed all their vet work.

Is there a difference between males and females-

Once desexed the personalty is totally dependent on the kitten

The males are generally larger than the female, however sometimes the females are quite large too

How do we introduce the kitten to our other pets-

You will receive comprehensive kitten care information regarding most things about your new kitten once you have paid your deposit and we offer ongoing support throughout the life of the kitten.

Will I be able to ask questions when my kitten comes home -

I am available to help with any questions for the life of the kitten and especially during the initial introduction to your home and other family members and pets.

What will I feed the kitten

You will receive comprehensive information regarding food which is updated just prior to collecting your kitten 

The video below is the Delivery Room and Nursery

This is where it all begins for your new family member.

This room is temperature controlled and has 24 hour surveillance

The babies remain with Mum in the birthing box for three weeks and gradually explore the nursery for another week before moving into the play pen in the living room

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